Ducati North America issued a recall on the two XDiavel trim levels because of a potentially problematic side stand bracket.  

According to the files published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (), Ducati expects about two percent of the 1,601 motorcycles involved in this recall to be affected by this issue. The models targeted are the 2016-2018 Ducati XDiavel S and XDiavel STD. 

In the Safety Recall Report, Ducati details how the problem stems from the side stand bracket that could potentially become deformed due to the repeated stress of holding up the weight of the motorcycle. This could cause the bike to lean on the side stand at a steeper angle should the bracket bend. In more extreme cases, the bracket could break and cause the bike to fall. If the bracket fails and causes the bike to tip while the owner is in the saddle or near the motorcycle, it could result in injuries.  

The company doesn’t mention whether the problem comes from faulty manufacturing or from the fact that the standard component wasn’t designed to support the XDiavel’s weight. Though Ducati confirms that it received several reports of brackets bending or even breaking, it hasn’t received any reports of associated injuries.  

Safety recall number SRV-RCL-21-001 begins March 15, 2021, at which point the OEM is going to contact the owners involved by mail, inviting them to bring their motorcycle to an approved Ducati dealership. The dealer will replace the faulty bracket with a sturdier, redesigned component, as well as the associated side stand and spring hooking plate for compatibility, free of charge.  

Owners who paid to have the problem fixed and/or who incurred damages and subsequent fees due to the faulty bracket are eligible for a refund.  

Customers are invited to address their questions and concerns to the Ducati customer service at 1-888-391-5446 to have their VIN verified. They can also contact the NHTSA’s Safety Hotline service at 1-888-327-4236 or check www.safercar.gov for more information.  

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