Triumph has always been one of those highly aspirational brands in the motorcycle world, especially for younger enthusiasts. Thanks to its rich heritage and massive contributions to the motorcycle industry as we know it, it's understandable that Triumph has long been seen as a god-tier motorcycle brand—even more so in Asian countries like Malaysia. 

At last, it would seem that the gods have looked to the favor of the people, as Triumph has finally launched a motorcycle that is attainable by the working man. First unveiled as a design prototype at the London Design Museum in August of 2020, the Triumph Trident 660 went from concept to reality just as quickly as its zero to sixty time. Having made its way across multiple markets by now, Triumph has just launched the Trident 660 in the Malaysian market. As is the case in all markets this bike is present in, the Trident 660 is in fact Triumph's most affordable motorcycle in its entire lineup.

Triumph Trident 660 - TEST

Priced at an extremely enticing RM 43,900, or the equivalent of just south of $11,000 USD, sans road tax, insurance, and registration, it occupies the same price bracket as the hotshot Honda CB650R at RM43,499. That said, it comes with a very unique engine for the 650 segment. While all other bikes in its class come outfitted with either a V-twin, parallel-twin, or inline-four engine, the Trident gets a quirky inline-triple which provides a healthy spread of power across the entire rev range.

Now there are tons of articles covering the specs and features of this bike on our site, so let's just skip right along into why this bike is such a big deal, particularly in the Asian market. Well for starters, it serves as a strong contender in the middleweight big bike segment, especially with a style-conscious middle class with an ever growing purchasing power. Big bikes in Asia have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, and bikes chock full of character like the Triumph Trident 660, open doors for new and unique motorcycle riding experiences for the folks in the region. 

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