Are you excited about Royal Enfield’s Build Train Race program? After 2020’s successful first stint building flat track Continental GT 650s, Enfield is directing its efforts toward road racing in 2021. Seven women are participating in the inaugural road racing round, where they’ll be guided in the process by veteran road racer Melissa Paris.  

Now, Öhlins USA has joined the competition. Back in 2020, Paris competed in the inaugural flat track BTR. Although she has road racing experience, she was eager to learn more about a significantly different racing discipline.  

Paris used Öhlins USA components on her Conti GT build for that round since she’s been using them most of her road racing career. Her strategy clearly worked, because she went on to score a win and two second-place finishes in the BTR exhibition events held at American Flat Track races in 2020. Matching talent and training with high-quality parts definitely makes a difference. 

For the 2021 road racing program, Öhlins USA is offering 43mm front forks and 36mm piggyback reservoir shocks for every build, if racers want to use them. Flat track program participants will have access to similar components going forward.  

“When I started my build for the BTR flat track program, choosing Öhlins was a no-brainer,” Ohlins USA-backed rider and BTR mentor Melissa Paris said in a statement.  

“I’ve used Öhlins components for my entire road racing career, and it’s what I felt comfortable using. I always knew that Öhlins made the best product for road racing, so I wasn’t surprised when it worked perfectly on the flat track as well. Now that I’m mentoring the road race version of BTR, I’m excited to have the opportunity to equip the ladies on the best equipment possible.” 

It’s still early days in this second road racing round of BTR, so the dates for planned exhibition races have yet to be announced. Having this kind of support will help participants get the best possible performance out of their builds, and should be exciting to see once Royal Enfield does finally drop the curtain. 

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