Royal Enfield has always been about building the community across all disciplines of motorcycling. It tackled the adventure segment head on with the release of the Himalayan, and fostered a sense of individuality by encouraging folks to customize and personalize their street bikes, in particular those in the 350 segment. This time around, Royal Enfield hits the race track with its Track School.

The Royal Enfield Track School is specifically designed for riders looking to elevate their skills and get a taste of the high-adrenaline race track experience. Newcomers will get to learn the ropes on track in a safe and controlled environment, all while gaining tuition from experienced coaches. Of course, Royal Enfield’s sportiest model, the Continental GT 650, will be front and center here, and will serve as the steed on which newcomers and seasoned riders alike will be able to hone their racing skills.


The ultimate goal of the Royal Enfield Track School is to develop skilled and safe riders, wherein participants will hopefully be able to apply the new skills they learn on their day-to-day rides. To do this, Royal Enfield has teamed up with professional coaches to provide participants with the best rider education available.

Anish Shetty and PRN Motorsports will play a vital role here, with Shetty having quite a lot of experience racing Royal Enfields. In fact, he bagged the championship in the first Royal Enfield GT Cup, and has since maintained a close relationship with Royal Enfield. Now, he and PRN Motorsports will pass on those skills and knowledge to the newcomers in the Royal Enfield Track School.

Royal Enfield Track School Welcomes New And Seasoned Riders In India

Race-prepped Royal Enfield Continental GT 650s will be used in the Royal Enfield Track School. 

Royal Enfield is taking a three-tiered approach when it comes to its Track School. Those looking to get a taste of track riding can opt for the one-day course called GT Experience. Here, riders will be able to use a track-spec Continental GT 650, and get training from professional coaches. The curriculum includes developing an understanding of the track, flags, as well as the basics of racing lines and braking. There will also be an introduction to motorsports, as well as a rundown of the pertinent safety gear when riding on track.

Up next, GT Track is a two-day course for riders looking to take the next step when it comes to track riding. Here, participants are expected to have a basic understanding of track riding, as the course delves deeper into the inner workings of riding on track. It tackles subjects like motorsport etiquette and bike setup. Students will also be instructed on proper body positioning, optimizing their vision, and advanced braking techniques.

Last but not least, the GT Race course is the top offering from Royal Enfield, and is designed for riders who eventually want to compete in racing series such as RE’s GT Cup. In the GT Race course, participants will be instructed on proper throttle control, setting up suspension and other adjustable components for enhanced handling, and race strategy. The course will also feature qualifying simulations, crash drills, and a full-on race simulation. Last but not least, it will provide participants with tuition on how to kickstart their racing careers by building their racer profile and developing relationships with potential sponsors.

Gallery: Royal Enfield Track School Welcomes New And Seasoned Riders In India

The Royal Enfield Track School is already ongoing with the GT Experience slated to hit key Indian cities in the coming weeks and months. The GT Track and GT Race courses will be available in May 2024 in Coimbatore, India. To register and to get more information on Royal Enfield’s Track School, we recommend visiting their official website linked below.

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