It's finally 2021, and perhaps you've told yourself that you're going to buy a new motorcycle. Or perhaps, your bike is a bit long in the tooth, and it's just about time to replace it with a dependable and reliable steed from Hero Motocorp, one of India's largest motorcycle manufacturers. Well, Hero has released their price list for January 2021, and it's looking rather bleak, as nearly all models in their lineup have received a price hike.

Hero Glamour BS6
Hero Glamour Disc

It isn't unexpected for motorcycle manufacturers to begin the year with revisions to their pricing models. Especially now, given the implementation of the BS6 standard, manufacturers had to hustle to be able to continue selling their products in the world's largest motorcycle market which is India. The story of price hikes doesn't end with Hero, either. Nearly all other motorcycle manufacturers have increased their prices across their entire model ranges. That being said, let's take a look at Hero Motocorp's motorcycle price list. 

Motorcycles New Price Old Price
Xpulse 200 Rs. 1,15,230 Rs. 1,13,730
Xtreme 160 R Disc Rs. 1,06,950 Rs. 1,05,050
Xtreme 160 R Drum Rs. 1,03,900 Rs. 1,02,000
Glamour Disc Rs. 75,400 Rs. 74,500
Glamour Drum Rs. 71,900 Rs. 71,000
Glamour Blaze Drum Rs. 73,100 Rs. 72,200
Glamour Blaze Disc Rs. 76,600 Rs. 76,600
Passion Pro Disc Rs. 69,600

Rs. 68.700

Passion Pro Drum Rs. 67,400 Rs. 66,500
Super Splendor Disc Rs. 73,400 Rs. 72,950
Super Splendor Drum Rs. 69,900 Rs. 69,450
Splendor iSmart Disc Rs. 68,700 Rs. 68,150
Splendor iSmart Drum Rs. 66,500 Rs. 65,950
Splendor Plus Black Accent Rs. 65,295 Rs 64,470
Splendor Plus i3S Rs. 65,295 Rs. 64,470
Splendor Plus Self Start Rs. 64,085 Rs. 63,260
Splendor Plus Kick Start Rs. 61,785 Rs. 60,960
HF Deluxe i3S Rs. 61,225 Rs. 59,800
HF Deluxe Self Start Rs. 59,900 Rs. 58,600
HF Deluxe Kick Start Rs. 51,200 Rs. 49,950
HF Deluxe Spoke Wheels Rs. 50,200 Rs. 48,950

Whew, that was quite a handful. As you can see, Hero Motocorp has quite the extensive range of motorcycles to suit various needs and interests of motorcycle riders in India. In spite of the increased prices across the entirety of its model range, Hero's bikes still present themselves with remarkable value for money. What bike from Hero Motocorp are you looking to buy this year?

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