Perhaps the reason why Honda is so well loved across the globe is because of the fact that their top notch quality, fit and finish, durability, and longevity is present across their entire model range. From liter-class performance machines to tiny 100cc scooters, Honda owners can attest to the quality of the Japanese manufacturer. Scattered across the Asian market, Honda's automatic transmission scooters are undeniably a staple in the personal mobility industry. Sharing the space with dozens of other manufacturers, scooters make perfect sense in the heavily congested urban environments found in many developing countries in Asia. 

Seeking to continually innovate and provide exciting offerings in the Asian market, Wuyang-Honda based out of China, has released a teaser for their newest small displacement scooter targeted towards the Asian market. In China, specifically, there are only two AT scooters available. Namely, the PCX and the RX125 are the only two scooters from the Japanese giant. However, in other Asian countries, Honda's scooter rage goes well beyond the dozen. 

New Honda AT Scooter

The teaser for Honda's new scooter preliminarily launched in China undoubtedly leaves many questions unanswered. For starters, only the front fascia of the scooter is shown—and heavily edited at that. This begs the question, is this scooter meant to be an addition to the company's lineup? Or is it meant to replace an outgoing model? Another interesting feature of the teaser is the tagline which reads: "What's New about X-treme?" with the "N" and "X" highlighted in a fancy font. 

For the time being, Wuyang-Honda has not released any more information about the new scooter. One thing is for sure, though, more scooters mean more choices for consumers looking for a practical and economical means of personal transport—and that is most definitely a good thing. 

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