Winters are always tough for motorcyclists in the northern hemisphere, but there are still bright spots to get us through. I’m not just talking about CES 2020, although there’s a lot for us to be excited about this year. Remember India’s eMotion Motors? The company just announced that it’s finally ready to unveil its first electric bike, the Surge, at Auto Expo 2020.

The annual motor show will take place from February 7 through 12, 2020, at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The bike has been in development for nine years, and recently sat down with eMotion founder Pranav Singanapelli to learn more.

According to Singanapelli, batteries are swappable, and there are spaces for three onboard the Surge. Each one has a capacity of 40 amp-hours, and the company claims a total range with three fully charged batteries of 300 km (or 186 miles). When you purchase a Surge, it comes with one battery on board, but you can purchase additional batteries to extend your range if you like. 

One thing that immediately stands out about this design is the fact that it’s geared—which can be a controversial decision when it comes to electric motorcycles. Singanapelli said that part of the reasoning behind this choice was to make it easier for riders of conventional ICE motorcycles to switch. He also told EVW that this system enables the greatest efficiency from the Surge’s motor.  

Two variants will be launched at Auto Expo 2020, at two different price points. The top of the line Surge has a claimed top speed of 120kmh (or 74.5mph), and is equipped with a 10 kW motor attached to a four-speed gearbox. This version will cost an estimated INR 1.4 to 1.5 lakh (or US $1950 to $2089). 

Meanwhile, the lower-spec Surge variant has a claimed top speed of 100kmh (or 62mph), and is equipped with a 6 kW motor. This one will range from INR 1.25 to 1.3 lakh (or US $1741 to $1810) in price. By the current company timeline, eMotion should be ready to start delivering these bikes to customers in July 2020. Preorders should open in the next few weeks. 

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