In December 2019, Nepal-based Yatri Motorcycles announced its very first model, the Project Zero electric motorcycle. It’s unclear how Zero Motorcycles will feel about that name—but it’s an interesting project, so let’s check it out.  

Yatri has only made a few specifications available so far, so we’ll have to wait until the bike is released to find out more. According to Eastrider Kiran, the bike will be available for both sale and test rides in March 2020, so hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait. What we can tell you is that Yatri claims a range of 230km—about 143 miles—on a single charge. Also, the power output, according to Yatri is 30kW, or about 40hp. Perhaps the most impressive stat Yatri claims is that this bike can achieve a full charge using a standard wall outlet in just two hours. 

Gallery: Yatri Project Zero

The company unveiled this bike in Kathmandu, Nepal earlier this month. While we don’t have weight or many other specifications just yet, Yatri uses carbon fiber body panels for weight reduction, according to the India Times. The Project Zero was designed and completely built in Nepal using parts sourced from around the globe, but the team hopes to open a factory and use Nepali manufacturing for future models. 

We have to talk about the 7-inch tablet that provides the bike’s touchscreen interface, though. It’s true that visibility can be a problem with some smaller displays. However, many bike manufacturers have made improvements to things like how digital displays work in direct sunlight over time—without making them huge. Still, particularly if you’re trying to operate a device with touchscreen-friendly gloves, it can be a lot to poke at a tiny screen if you have larger hands. How do you feel about this ginormous display?

It’s unclear exactly how or if this bike’s design will see significant changes before it comes to market. Yatri plans to sell in Nepal, of course, but also has its sights set on eventual international expansion, as well. No specific pricing or availability has been announced as of yet, but it’s incredibly cool watching the electric motorcycle industry grow.

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