Balance is a crucial element, whether you’re talking about motorcycling, business, or life in general. Perhaps that’s why Italian company Vins has taken this time to announce its brand new electric sport prototype motorcycle, the EV-01. 

If the name Vins sounds familiar, it should. After all, it was just back in November 2019 that the company introduced its Duecinquanta road-legal two-stroke motorbike. It turns out that brands, like people, can contain multitudes. Who says a single company can’t have both a two-stroke and an electric sportbike courting different moto consumers at the same time?

Gallery: Vins EV-01 Prototype

The EV-01—short for “Electric Vins,” not the usual “electric vehicle”—features a stylish carbon fiber monocoque design, made in Italy to be super smooth and aerodynamic. The bike is powered by a Zero Motorcycles powertrain, which allowed Vins to focus on weight reduction, strength, and styling while leaving the power elements to Zero’s considerable experience. 

As a result, the finished prototype weighs 170kg (or just under 375 pounds). Vins also says it makes 52kW of power, or about 70hp. Its max speed is a claimed 125mph, as well. Charging options can be done the standard way, plugging into a regular outlet for nearly 10 hours to get a full charge. If you have Zero’s charge tank option installed and use a quick charger, a 2.5-hour charge is allegedly possible. 

No word yet on pricing or availability of the EV-01 anywhere, but that’s not particularly surprising since it is a prototype. A marriage of Zero’s powertrain expertise and Vins’ styling certainly doesn’t seem like a bad thing, but of course how well they’ll work together if and when this bike comes to market remains to be seen. For now, it’s certainly pleasant enough to look at, and at the end of the day, isn’t that one of the things you want out of any type of bike? 

Source: Vins Motors

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