UK-based electric scooter firm Zapp has announced that it’s ready to begin delivering its electric i300 scooter to customers. As you might expect from the name, its electric performance is meant to be equivalent to a 300cc internal combustion-engined scooter. 

One of the funnest things about seeing different electric two-wheeler makers come to market is how much variety in design there is. When Zapp first unveiled the i300 back in 2018, the design definitely turned heads. Some said “yes,” while others distinctly said “no,” but that’s what happens with designs that aren’t just a rehash of what has gone before. 

In any case, the i300’s power output is 14kW (19hp), and Zapp says it produces 587Nm of torque (or 433 ft-lbs.) at the rear wheel. Top speed is 96kmh (59.6 mph), and there is an electronic speed governor onboard. Range is 60 to 90 km (37 to 56 miles) if you use both batteries in ECO mode. Claimed acceleration from 0 to 50kmh (0 to 31mph) is 2.35 seconds, and from 0 to 70kmh (0 to 43mph) is 4.10 seconds. 

Gallery: Zapp i300 Electric Scooter

The i300 features two removable battery packs that you can easily take with you to charge, wherever you are. Each weighs 5kg (11 pounds), and they’re slim and compact. You might even miss them on first glance at this scoot.

If you’re like me, you’ll have two questions, just looking at photos of the i300. Firstly, where do the batteries go, because it’s clearly not under the seat? Secondly, what about storage space? 

As you can see in the gallery above, the lithium-ion batteries stack neatly on top of one another, and slot into a compartment in the floorboard of this step-through design. Lowering the scoot’s center of gravity certainly can’t hurt. Zapp says the batteries can achieve full charge with standard household plugs in under four hours. 

As for the lack of inherent onboard storage space, Zapp says it offers both an optional luggage shelf and a hard luggage bin for purchase. Each is capable of carrying a spare battery (in addition to the two that power the i300), as well as a travel charger, or two of Zapp’s proprietary open-faced helmets. 

The i300 is currently only for sale in Europe, directly through Zapp’s website, at a cost of €6,300 (US $6,941). It comes in six paint schemes, two of which (Guards Red and Old English White) incur no additional charge. Piano Black, Battleship Grey, and Powder Blue will run you an additional €300 (US $330.51), while a Union Jack paint scheme costs an additional €720 (US $793). 

Since it’s being sold directly from the company, Zapp’s maintenance plans include a fleet of specialists, called Zappers, who will come directly to you to do service in specially outfitted Zapp transport vehicles. You can find more information about anticipated maintenance questions on Zapp’s website.

Source: Zapp

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