There’s a dirty new motorcycle on the French scene, and Mash motors is ready for the current trend with a bike made just for bob-tailed flat-tracker enthusiasts. Mash’s new single-cylinder air/oil-cooled 650cc model (well, 647cc to be exact) the Dirt Track 6.5 is hitting the roads, and the company is excited to get into the European motorcycle market with this Chinese-built machine.

Chinese? Oh, yes. They’re not being coy at all about the fact that this is a Chinese-built bike and has a pretty low price to match. Mash’s parent company is Sima, based in France, which distributes some motorcycle brands there that you may be familiar with: Royal Enfield, Hyosung, GasGas, and Moto Morini, among others.

Mash Motors has been producing 50cc scooters—as well as 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, and 400cc motorcycles—but this is their first foray into “big bike” territory. As we all know, a big bike in some places is a small bike in others, so to compare what we ride on the open road in the US to these little Chinese-European machines isn’t really fair. The tiered licensing in lots of places drives the market for smaller motorcycles, while we here in the states continue to observe the displacement wars.

I need two hands to count the styling cues I see on this adorable little thing that have been lifted from other bikes: older Hondas, Triumphs, current Harley-Davidsons, and certainly the flattrack and custom scene. It’s super cute though, and even though it puts out only 40 hp I think that would make it more than capable on most American roads. Its 18-inch wheels, ABS brakes, and upside-down forks all mean it ought to handle pretty well on back roads and dirt roads alike. It clocks in around 360lbs dry, and has a 30.7 inch seat height. Add it to the list of motorcycles I wish they’d import to the US. Maybe it can piggyback on the Royal Enfield distribution?

Source:Le Repaire Des Motards, Moto-Station, Mash Motors, YouTube


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