Harley-Davidson’s plan to expand into the small displacement segment isn’t news in itself. In fact, it was recently confirmed the American manufacturer was going to hit the Asian market with an under 500cc model to grab its share of the most important and fastest growing motorcycle market in the world. We now have an official number: the model will be a 338cc.

It looks like Harley has finally found a buddy to expand it’s reach on the Asian market. The manufacturer announced a collaboration with Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited. The partnership will help propel Harley’s global growth forward and meet the goals it set for itself last year in its expansion plan. In fact, the company is targeting a 50 percent growth by the time 2027 rolls in.

Surprisingly, while most companies are targeting the Indian market, Harley chose to start things off in China instead. Since Harley has been looking for a teammate since last year, we can suppose that its teaming up with Chinese firm Qianjiang is the main motivation for choosing China over India.

While “classic” Harley products are already available and apparently selling fairly well according to recent sales numbers (28-percent growth in 2018 over 2017), the market for small displacement motorcycles remains the most popular one.

Harley-Davidson Small Displacement Motorcycle

Though the new model might be unusually small for the Black and Orange brand, it will feature a distinctive sound and look nonetheless promises H-D. The motorcycle and its engine will both be produced in China but will adhere to Harley’s strict manufacturing standards, the same as all its other products. The new 338cc model is expected to debut sometime in 2020.

While there is no talk of a similarly small displacement model heading over to the American market, we could expect that move to be lined up Harley’s sleeve. Considering the company is looking to appeal to a younger audience, a 338 model would be a great addition to the lineup.

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