The French company Furion Motorcycles has developed a new concept, a motorcycle combining a Wankel rotary engine with an electric motor. “An original motive combination with the key to an unusual sound, the musical fruit of the two rotors of the engine.” says designer Marc Evenisse.

Furion Motorcycles is situated in the region of Mancelle, and is a collaboration between two engineering schools, industrial partners and a team of 56 consultants. The team includes Adrien Chareyre (four times super motorcycle world champion), Nicolas Gallet (engineer) Eric Chauvelier (hybridization and mastery of energies), prototyping experts such as Christophe Bihr and the MBMotors team specialized in competition preparation.

The Furion m1 offers an energy-related economic solution to substantially reduce consumption for 400 kilometers on 16 liters of fuel. Its hybridization makes it possible to choose the best of the both engines,employing the exceptional electrical efficiency in urban environment with a zero emissions. The thermal engine combination offers two modes: The Long Range mode produces the best fuel economy for trips up top 300 miles. The Sport Mode takes full advantage of the dynamic combination of the two engines for higher performance.



• dual-rotor + electric engine 40 kw

• capacity: 2×327 654cc

• torque: 105 nm à 6000 tr/mn + 100 nm total: 205 nm

• compression ratio: 10,1 : 1

• power: 125 hp à 9000 tr/mn + 55 hp total: 180 hp


• length: 2095mm

• seat height: 810mm

• ground clearance: 140mm

• rake angle / rake: 23,5-degrees / 101mm

• wheelbase: 143.5mm

• wet weight: 209 kg

• fuel capacity: 16 liters

• front tyre: 120/70/17

• rear tyre: 190/50/17


• frame: tubular trellis frame, motor carrier.

• fork: inverted 43mm, adjustable rebound, compression and preload

• rear suspension: monoshock horizontal gas type back-link, adjustable preload and rebound

• front brake: double disc petal 310mm, 4-piston radial calipers

• rear brake: single disk petal 250mm, single-piston caliper


• final drive: chain

• clutch: multidisc in oil bath

• transmission: 6-speed

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