Sometimes here at RideApart, since we’re based in the United States, we get a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to motorcycle makes and models, simply because, well, a lot of cool bikes aren’t available here. As yet another in our ongoing series of random motorcycle porn, here’s one you might not be familiar with: Moto Morini.

Moto Marini, the marque, was established in 1936 near Bologna, Italy (which is where Ducati was established, too). You may have even seen one or two on the road here in the States. But these days, unless someone in your neighborhood is wealthy enough to import one of these on their own, you’re probably not going to see a new one parked at your friendly local motorcycle shop.

More’s the pity, though, because this resurrected brand has released a new (as of 2017) model called the Milano. It is strikingly gorgeous in its naked Italian muscle-bike glory, and after looking at these pictures I very much want to see one in person.

The bike has an eighty-seven degree V-twin nestled into its trellis frame, reminiscent of the Moto Morini 3½ of old. The Milano has some of the most artful stock exhaust piping I’ve ever seen on a motorcycle. On the other side of the bike, the trellis-style swingarm is equally stunning. Perhaps because I am a big fan of the old square-headlight pure-UJM Honda Sabres, this bike looks like a classic to me.

Gallery: Moto Morini Milano

The 2019 Milano comes with fully-adjustable 46mm upside-down forks that deliver 4.75 inches of travel. It has an equally adjustable monoshock out back with 4.3 inches of travel, and 17” rims front and back. The 1187cc V-twin puts out 110hp, and ABS is standard. The seat height measures a little over 32 inches.

The instrument panel is a 5-inch full-color user-configurable LCD display, a far cry from its humble simple-and-we-like-it-that-way beginnings.

I will tell you again, so you can look upon this thing of beauty and lament right along with me: not available in the US. But damn, is it pretty.

Source: Moto Morini, MCN, Paultan


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