Every day, the writers at RideApart put their emotional health on the line just for you, dear reader. Every day, we research stories and distill what’s most important, for you, and every day, we risk falling deeply in love, on your behalf, with trips we cannot take, or motorcycles we cannot have.

Today is one of those days, a day when doing this job has brought on a critical and likely incurable case of longing.

Sergio Giordano’s Italian Dream Motorcycles (IDM) is devoted to realizing any motorcycle fantasy. In their own words, “Italian Dream Motorcycle was born from our passion for dreams, engines, and freedom.” Or even more poetically: “A possible dream, a desire at hand.”

Italian Dream Motorcycle

Of course, that’s what custom builders do, so nothing terribly unique about that, but it is both the particularly enchanting tone they set and their intent which sets them apart—to create a street bike that handles like a track-worthy machine.

The language of lure is over-the-top and yet totally effective: “A realizable dream, desire within reach.” The way in which they describe each of their three divisions pulls you into a rabbit-hole of wonder.

Italian Dream Motorcycle

First, their smaller displacement series: “Fino a 400” (Up to 400)—meant to transport you back to a simpler time, when your bike, like you and your life, were more agile, responsive, easier to manage. Buy one of these and you’ll go back in time when you still believed in love at first sight.

Next is their personal projects: “La Moto Che Hai Sempre Sognato (The Motorcycle You’ve Always Dreamed Of). This is where they promise to realize your bucket list bike, “the bike you’ve been seeking for a lifetime, the one that appeared through the mirage’s mist,” and because, as they remind you, “…each of us has within us a vision in steel.”

Italian Dream Motorcycle

Finally, they offer their “Collezioni and Serie Limite” (you got that, right?). This is the bespoke batch inspired by manufacturers and former racers meant to elicit envy because they are perfect incarnations of the originals.  Re-imagined, timeless beauties that will fit any occasion.

In 2016 they collaborated with Triumph to feature three different versions of the Street Triple. In 2009, they paired up with Oberdan Bezzi to create the Limited Edition “Yellow Weapon” - three visions of the 1981 Suzuki GS1000. Their “Lucky Legend” is a tribute to former racer, Marco Lucchinelli’s Suzuki RG500.

However, it’s not just style that sets them apart, it’s also the substance. They aim to produce a riding experience that matches the magic experience of world-class track racers.

IDM employs the best and most qualified engineers and mechanics from the WSBK and MotoGP circuits to capture the singular spirit and performance of bike and rider—past, present and future—and take them to new heights. From tiny tweaks to hefty overhauls, Italian Dream Motorcycle builds are the best that they can be.

Italian Dream Motorcycle

The investment might not be attainable for all, but if you have an extra US$18,000 to $68,000, you can get one. I know that I would, if I could—but I already said that.

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