Purely going by numbers on paper, the outcomes of drag races sometimes seem like they’re going to be incredibly obvious. Still, there’s always the human element to consider—and that (along with shockingly effective mods done by someone who’s a genius at wrenching) can completely upset your expectations. That’s what can make drag races especially interesting to watch.

That’s also completely not what happened here. In a straight-line battle between a GSX-R1000 and a Ninja ZX-6R, who do you expect to win? We don’t have information on any mods either bike might have, but we know what you probably expect because we expected it, too. Were you ready for it, or did you blink and miss it?

Still, even though we were reasonably sure that we knew who would win, we still didn’t know what the time difference would be. The GSX-R1000 did it in 9.7 seconds, while the ZX-6R lagged a bit behind at 11.1. Even if both bikes were stock, there are still a lot of variables that go into any matchup—and that’s primarily where the interest in watching them lies. For what it’s worth, it didn’t seem like either rider made a bad start or had any shifting difficulties that we could see or hear in the video.

Sure, it’s not as purely bonkers as this custom off-roading Gixxer, but what is? Sometimes, it’s the quiet, everyday comparisons that intrigue, just because they’re the kind of things you’re more likely to run into while out riding around your local area. It also makes you wonder how your street riding might be different on a bike where you not only feel like you have nothing to prove, but have ample evidence to back up that feeling. Of course, the rider always has a lot to do with the end result as well—a first-time rider probably wouldn’t do that well on either of those bikes. 


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