Of all of the “lane splitting” videos that come across the internet, this one is particularly well-done. It’s sped up, and that lends a bit of frenetic stress to it, but turn the music up and you will discover that this rider, a Redditor who goes by the handle dangitbobtohell and rides a Triumph Street Triple R is, as we say, “in the zone” for the entire ride.

The initial fun part is, he has formatted and edited the video to seem as though it is a video game. Your first clue is the traffic: the captions warn the viewer that they are “ENTERING NEXT LEVEL” just before the freeway slows to a crawl and the rider begins to ride the dotted line instead of staying in a lane.

The next fun part comes so quickly you might miss the first few instances, but keep your eyes peeled: the moments where you need to pay close attention are highlighted with a yellow circle. These are “danger spots.” Cars changing lanes, some undecided vehicles, some stopped without having completed a lane change, some spots where large trucks create a very narrow passageway and, bafflingly, some people who have gotten out of their cars and are standing in the road. The rider slows to navigate each instance having identified it long before it became any sort of a problem.

Those of us who have ridden in places where lane splitting is legal and accepted practice will recognize that “pebbles in a stream” mentality when it comes to navigating traffic in this fashion. To the uninitiated, it may seem like the rider has a death wish. On the contrary; when done with awareness and experience, this is the best (and fastest) method of transportation in traffic-stuffed southern California (and London, and the rest of the UK, and Europe…). Rear-end accidents are a huge danger in heavy freeway traffic. Nobody wants to be the meat in a car sandwich.

An amusing spot and a “teachable moment” comes at 1:30, when the svelte Triumph comes up behind a large bagger. The rider on the bagger is attempting to lanesplit the same as the POV motorcycle, but the width of the larger bike is proving a hindrance! When it comes to luggage and lane-sharing, the top-box is king!

Unsurprisingly, the end goal (midori matcha ice cream) is achieved and well before the time deadline. Well done!

Source: Reddit

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