Babes Ride Out (BRO) is coming back, and it’s coming fast—and that’s not just because of all the lovely ladies on their bikes but because that’s what it feels like when you suddenly realize how long something has been around.

Soon to celebrate its seventh successful year, the annual women-only motorcycle camping experience in Joshua Tree National Park has become a staple on many a woman biker’s annual ride calendar. The ever-expanding empire now also includes an annual event on the East Coast (Babes In The Dirt East Coast) and in the UK as well as a yearly weekend that brings together off-road rowdies called Babes In The Dirt, an off-shoot which also hosts specialty sessions during all seasons.

This largest-growing demographic of riders has a lot to celebrate. Bike manufacturers are continuing to expand their fleets in order to capture this market and the number of women excelling in their own entrepreneurial elements has also been gaining momentum. Targeted events like this one are the perfect setting to get a feeling for what works and what doesn’t and also a great way to make connections.


The main event in Joshua Tree has gone from being a quiet (?!) gathering of around 50 to a wild throw down that has over 1,500 registered riders from around the world and a few sponsors. The weekend, devoted to all things motorcycle, is purposely situated near an endless variety of incredible ride routes. There are workshops, giveaways, artists of all kinds ready to add color and detail to broads and their bikes, bands, and general badassery of all kinds.

The images that surface once the dust settles are remarkable. Participants post fun and phenomenal footage of winding rides, scenic side-trips both on and off the bikes, and the always enjoyable food and beverage stops.  Best of all, women from all over who share the love of motorcycles can mingle with other like-minded moto-mamas who dare to get dirty or drenched in the name of a good ride.

Gallery: Babes Ride Out 2019

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