Between the all-new retro modern CB650R and the flight of updated 500s, there was a little something —literally—that snuck on the Honda stage at EICMA. The work of the company’s Italian Research and Development Center discretely showed up on the floor without any other pretense than to show off some new design ideas. The result of the R&D Center’s work are two small concepts and they’re awfully cute.

For a little something different, Honda presented the CB125M and CB125X concepts. The company uses “futuristic” to describe the design, which it is compared to the rest of the Honda lineup, but not so much when we consider everything already available on the market.

What the brand qualifies as futuristic is a square-ish design with sharp angles. The CB125M is a supermotard-inspired design with a miniature headlight and a floating high tail. The handlebar sprout from the head like antennas, fitted with handguards. The CB125X is the Africa Twin’s tiny little brother with its adventure-inspired fairing. The headlight cluster is one of the most intriguing features of the design, with the main rectangular light framed by two circular ones integrated directly into the fairing.

Honda CB125X and CB125M Concepts
Honda CB125X and CB125M Concepts

According to the manufacturer, tiny displacement bikes are trending hard, something we feel Honda plans on taking full advantage of if the Grom, Monkey and Super Cub are any indications. For now, the two small CBs should probably only be considered design studies, maybe an indication of what the futur of Honda’s aesthetics will be like, but the possibility of  seing the M and the X become actual models isn’t farfetched either.

Whether you’re digging the look or not, you must admit that the two concepts are pretty darn cute. The Grom probably feels kind of lonely in its little corner. If they were to become reality. I’d be all over the miniature adventure bike just because it must be a hilarious experience to hit the trails on a bike that fits in a pocket.

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