Who needs Buell when you have ATK/Hyosung? The tiny American dirt bike maker will partner with the Korean giant to produce a range of small-capacity street bikes that will be distributed at US Harley dealers. Discussing the announcement, ATK CEO Frank White said, " will send parts from Korea, and we will integrate those with our own American and European parts. These American-Utah-assembled motorcycles will be targeted to be sold through a select group of Harley-Davidson dealers who are looking for a quality smaller-displacement motorcycle." The bikes will be sold under the ATK brand name.

So what does Harley think of all this? "The management at Harley-Davidson knows what we are doing with some of their dealers, said White. "However, they do not endorse our activities in any way." Surely the lack of objection counts as tacit approval or at least throwing ailing dealers a potentially profitable bone during hard times.

via DealerNews

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