Motorcycle communications leader Sena launches RideConnected app which will help motorcyclists from around the world meet, make groups and ride.

Sena Technologies has announced the release of the RideConnected App. Designed for motorcyclists, the app “will connect multiple riders across the globe… Riders may now connect with more riders than ever before through any Sena Bluetooth headset with the RideConnected App.”

The communication app, created for both iOS and Android phones, will be available for free in the iTunes and Google Play Stores. “Not only will riders no longer be limited by range, the amount of intercom connections between riders are virtually limitless when within LTE range of their mobile carrier. As long as you are connected to WiFi, or a mobile network, you may now communicate over any distance, and with multiple riders.”

Riders can set up their own personal profile and navigate through the features of the RideConnected App with ease. They can create different teams, and invite friends to add their own profiles on the App through SMS message, GPS, or by providing them with each rider’s unique four-digit code. Users may also use the existing voice prompts of their Sena Bluetooth 4.1 headsets to operate the RideConnected App.

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