A California architecture student designed a way to take your bed with you on your motorcycle

When I was a kid, my uncle had one of those truck cap campers that were all the rage in the 70s propped up in his back yard. I never once saw it actually installed on a truck—hell, he didn't even own a truck for a while—but my cousins and I spent a bunch of time in there playing D&D, listening to metal bands we weren't supposed to be listening to, and generally being pre-teen savages. I've always had a soft spot for those campers, so when I stumbled across the MotoHome, it hit me right in the nostalgia. So, what's MotoHome? Check it out.

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MotoHome is the brainchild of one Jeremy Carman, a senior architecture student at the University of Southern California School of Architecture. Essentially a truck cap camper for motorcycles, it replaces a bike's rear subframe and swingarm with custom units that provide a rider with a small but comfortable sleeping pod. To help him achieve his dream of a motorcycle camper—and, we assume, to pass successfully finish his thesis—Carman set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for prototyping and building.

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"I'm designing and building a shelter solution that's dependently integrated into an all-terrain motorcycle," said Carman on the GoFundMe page. "Its purpose is to give its user a travel experience unlike any other; nearly uninhibited travel on an athletic and widely capable vehicle all while providing the user a home that's comfortable, practical, and sustainable. If the RV was architecture on four wheels, this would be an attempt at architecture on two."

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You can learn more about Carman and MotoHome at the GoFundMe page. There he's laid out all his goals and seems to have at least a plan for making this work. Is MotoHome something we want and/or need? I'm not really sure, but we're definitely pulling for him.

Source: Jeremy Carman/GoFundMe


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