There’s no denying that without designer Fabio Taglioni’s unique mind and inimitable talents Ducati simply wouldn’t be the Ducati we know and love today. That’s why Ducati is celebrating the 100th anniversary of this giant of motorcycling history all year long.  

September 10, 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of Taglioni’s birth, so naturally, that’s also the day on which Ducati released the third and final installment of its special Fabio Taglioni YouTube mini-series. While the man himself may have left this world in 2001, being the daddy of all Desmos means your memory is pretty much guaranteed to live forever.  

Prior to the fateful day that Taglioni joined Ducati in 1954—or so the story goes—he'd tried his hand at working with other motorcycle companies, particularly on race machines. Even after helping Mondial win, for some reason, he wasn’t invited to take part in the team celebrations. Luckily, it wasn’t long after this that Taglioni found his way to Ducati as Technical Director, eventually creating the Gran Sport 100 just 40 days later. 

The man understood racing, and wanted to be part of a motorcycle company that was as committed to it as he was. Over the course of his lifetime, Taglioni eventually bonded with none other than Enzo Ferrari over their shared passion for racing. If you’ve ever loved a desmo, an L-twin, and/or trellis frame at any time in your life, then you’ve appreciated what the man accomplished while he was happily ensconced at Borgo Panigale.  

The mini-documentary series “Fabio Taglioni: A Life of Passion” had its first episode hit Ducati’s YouTube channel in July, 2020. It concluded with episode 3 on September 10, 2020, the 100th anniversary of the man’s birth. Just one day before, on September 9, 2020, Taglioni’s hometown of Lugo di Romagna held a special event commemorating his life and career achievements. You could easily make the case that every time you ride a Ducati, you pay homage to Taglioni’s memory, though—anywhere and everywhere in the world. 

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