We’re all about custom motorcycles around here. We’re especially about weirdo custom motorcycles. There are few weirder, and while it’s been around a while, we are heart warmed to see it’s still rolling.

Lots of us keep our bikes for many years. Heck, there are still loads of antiques on the road. But when you have something that is as completely different as the Traverston V-Rex, well, you must always have that voice in the back of your head not just urging you not to crash but reminding you that the thing you’re riding is one of a kind. Irreplaceable. There are no parts because this was the only one ever made, ever!

I’m not sure I could take that kind of pressure.

A picture of this bike was posted to Reddit just a couple of days ago with a “wtf” attached. The original article all about this bike was published in Cycle World fully eleven years ago and nobody has gotten used to this thing since.

And why would they? It’s super weird. It’s sort of the bastard love child of a Yamaha V-Max,  GTS 1000 (remember those, kids?), the cartoon motorcycle out of "Akira," and a Harley-Davidson V-Rod all blobbed up in a swoopier, modernish sci-fi wrapper.

In 2008, a $40,000 motorcycle was expensive enough that that was one of the first things they told us about it; these days, you can easily option yourself into a BMW K 1600 GTL or a Harley-Davidson CVO™ that tops that price without even trying.

Ultimately, though, it’s about the ride, and the reviewer said it was so well engineered that riding it (in a straight line) was a breeze. Counterintuitively, the steering is reportedly really light, though the steering lock snuck up on him and even a 90-degree turn is a bit of a struggle due to the very low cornering clearance.

The bike is an original piece of art, true to the definition of art: it inspires an emotional reaction in those who see it. Good or bad, nobody who knows even a little bit about motorcycles doesn’t react to this thing! The first one, though, is apparently always “WTF?”

Source: Cycle World

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