Custom bike building is reinvigorating the motorcycle movement one bike at a time, flipping existing limits of form and function upside down.  The Triumph Speed Triple MY 2000 designed and executed by Metalbike Garage (MBG) of Collegno, Torino, is a perfect example of a transformation that pushes past existing boundaries, transforming a naked bike into a fully-faired street bike with a “sinuous and fluid form” inspired by “organic geometry.”  

Since its formation in 2009, Simon Lecca, founder and solo builder of MBG has created, with his team, functional art pieces. At 2019 Motor Bike Expo in Verona, the Speed Triple caught the attention of renowned custom bike builder, Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering  of California. Like Kimura, Lecca is an artisan builder who executes his builds with the utmost attention to detail and an eye for smooth, clean lines.

“Metalbike Garage is more than a garage dedicated to custom bikes,” describes their website bio. “[It} is a crew, a team that has fun, is relaxed, but deep down takes its skills very seriously.” Together they design and promote the custom creations that Lecca then builds, and that represent their core values-to use the latest technology and highest quality materials to produce the highest quality of craftsmanship. This aesthetic is evident in all their designs.

Metalbike Garage Transforms Speed Triple

This Speed Triple is a molded metal masterpiece that somehow still feels like a naked bike despite have a generous fairing. With is handcrafted saddlery and “body in aluminum completely hand-modeled; executed in only two parts It could be that it leaves exposed significant portions of the chassis and exhaust system, as well as showcasing the motor, or that the front end seems to be gently nudging the airstream through its sleek head light assembly.

Suffice it to say, for many reasons this creative collaboration of metal on metal on metal feels futuristic and vintage simultaneously, uniquely drawing together a café-racer chic with sport bike strength.

Gallery: Metalbike Garage Speed Triple

Sources: Metalbike Garage

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