If you’re into the custom motorcycle scene at all, you know BikeEXIF. And if you don’t you should. BikeEXIF supplies quite a lot of the motorcycle pr0n, I mean art that comes across the internet—not the stuff that comes out of factories but the stuff that’s hand-built, custom painted, attention to the littlest detail, custom motorcycles.

Sure, they started life rolling off an assembly line looking exactly like hundreds of others just like them. Sure, maybe the engine remains stock. Perhaps the gas tank is original or just repainted. But as the teaser for this movie states, a custom motorcycle is as much a reflection of the builder as that of the original bike. It is art, and as such, a form of self-expression.

This teaser is for a movie called “Oil In the Blood.” It explores the culture that is cafe and custom motorcycles, and opens with scenes of beautiful custom bikes and builders waxing poetic not just about building the bikes but about riding them. The visceral and emotional presentation is something any of us who have been steeping in this culture can relate to, and is also something that is very difficult to explain to someone who does not share the love of a motor on two wheels.

“It’s a piece of mechanical art,” says one. “The custom motorcycle scene has totally revolutionized the motorcycle industry,” opines another. Yet another offers that custom building has “brought back the soul of motorcycling.” If you’ve ever ridden a bike you’d describe as “soulless” and then been surprised by finding another that definitely has a soul, you understand what these builders are on about.

The camera work is gorgeous, the interviewees share a passion, and the noises. Oh, the noises these motorcycles make. It might be worth keeping an eye out for the movie, just for the internal combustion soundtrack it provides.

It premiered at the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon earlier this month. The filmmakers pared down more than 300 interviews across fourteen countries to assemble into the film. You can catch it at Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee this coming weekend, or wait until later in the year when the creators promise a commercial release into streaming channels and possibly a limited theatrical release. We will definitely keep you posted, and review it when it becomes available.

Source: BikeEXIF

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