With RideApart, you can now research your next motorcycle purchase by comparing bikes side-by-side through in-depth specs. Here's how that works.

First, click through to our Buyer's Guide located at Motorcycles.RideApart.com. You'll then find yourself looking at a list of new, 2013 models sorted by our rating. We've tried to make that rating as simple as possible, using a 1 to 10 scale and, unique to RideApart, there are bikes ranked at the bottom end of the scale. This is meant to be a powerful shopping tool for you, the consumer.

How To Use RideApart

Once you're there, there's a bunch of stuff you can do in pretty much any order you want to do it. You can search for specific bikes, sort them by manufacturer, price, category, year, with ABS, without ABS, engine size etc.

Once you've found some bikes you want to look at, hit the "Compare button" under the image.

How To Use RideApart

That then loads whichever bikes you want to compare into the black bar at the bottom.

How To Use RideApart

Add at least two bikes, then hit "Compare Now" in that black bar. You can clear those bikes individually or all at once should you change your mind. That then takes you to the comparison page.

Now, you can get your hands dirty, compare specs, reviews, anything you want.

And, we want you you help inform the overall shopping experience. User Reviews are going to be a massive part of how people will shop for bikes through RideApart. Got something to say about a bike? Tell us! You'll be telling motorcycle consumers as a whole, too, so this really means something.

User Reviews are right there at the bottom of every model page. Spot an error (there's definitely errors in this initial data set), fix it for us! Users have the ability to edit all the motorcycle listings. Seriously, please use your expertise to help us help all of you.

And there you go. Use our Buyer's Guide to research bikes, our Gear Guides to pick the best helmets, jackets, gloves, etc, our How Tos to learn to ride better or figure out how to work on your bike, DriveApart to decide which car is best to haul your bikes around, News to keep you informed and Hell For Leather for entertainment.

Questions? Comments? Let us know.

Got a tip for us? Email: tips@rideapart.com