More mint-condition antique Japanese iron than you can shake a stick at

Finding a vintage vehicle in the depths of Craigslist can be a real treat, especially when the price makes you want to throw your money at your computer screen to get it in the buyer’s pockets as quickly as possible. How about finding 60 of them in one ad? I can hear gearhead panties dropping from here. The vintage two-wheel extravaganza sale can be found in Delaware, “55 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay bridge” and any one—or ten—of these vintage beauties could be yours.

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A list of Honda CBs long enough to make any collector cry tears of joy, 60s and 70s Yamahas and Kawasakis, a Royal Enfield; I’m not sure whether this seller needs bail money or what, but his loss is our gain. The ad posted on Craigslist over the weekend lists a collection of 57 motorcycles priced $2600 and up. If you’re into the whole retro cafe racer/scrambler revival, here’s your chance to own an original and trade your hipster hat for a collector’s.

Look at this mint Yamaha XS1.

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Honda CB100, 125, 750, CL77 and 200, Yamaha G7S and XS650, a 1968 Kawasaki Avenger… pretty much anything Japanese and retro is available. Other models offered include 1969 Yamaha cs3 200 with an electric starter, 1966 Honda CB450 K0 Black Bomber, 1972 Yamaha G7S 80cc Scrambler, 1965 Honda CB77 Superhawk, 1967 Kawasaki W2 650 and 1970 Honda CL350 with split exhaust pipes on both sides.

From the ad’s eye-candy-like pictures, all models up for sale look in great condition, perfect to get you on the ride of your dream or start your own philanthropist dream collection. And if what you actually dream of is getting something to work on in your free time or after retirement, the seller also has the occasional parts and project bike for sale.

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Scrambler game strong.

The information-heavy and punctuation-lacking ad informs the potential buyer that the advertiser also accepts trades of 50s through 70s models, in case you already have a head start on your collection. Now who here has a trailer and when can we get there?

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