A woman is lucky to have escaped major injury after a scooter crash in Greece that sent her sliding down the road wearing a bikini and little else.

The video shows a wide road filled with scooters scooting along at a good clip. Another scooter zooms into a dense clump of riders, traveling significantly faster than the flow of traffic. The rider intends to lane split his way through the group, which is perfectly legal in Greece (and should be here). But he cuts through the cluster at an unsafe speed and fails to squeeze through a narrow gap, causing him, his bikini-clad pillion, and several other scooters to go down.

For the next several seconds, all you can see is a bikini butt and bare legs sliding down the road. When everyone slides to a stop the rider immediately jumps to the woman's aid. Miraculously she stands right up and appears relatively unharmed, despite not even wearing a helmet. Any road rash she suffered isn't visible in the video. She was quite lucky.

Look, I understand the desire to sun yourself on the beach. As a straight male, I appreciate the aesthetic qualities of a bikini-clad female body. I would prefer such bodies to remain undamaged when you leave the beach and hop on a scooter or any other two-wheeled motor vehicle. That means wearing proper riding gear in between stops while beach hopping. Even basic mesh riding gear and a cheap helmet would've prevented any injury at all in this relatively minor crash.

Adding insult to injury is that the scooter was being ridden too fast and aggressively for the conditions. Protecting yourself from road rash is one thing, but any rider who takes a passenger is literally taking the passenger's life into their hands. It's one thing to ride like a nutcase by yourself, but it's quite another to do so with a helpless passenger hanging on for dear life behind you.

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