Until now, safety ratings have mainly applied to cars and all their elaborate technologies. For some reason there’s never been a way of knowing just how truly efficient a piece of riding gear is, aside from users reviews. That could be about to change though, and that change is coming from Australia.

Gear that also looks good

Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, has launched the Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP) that will put the gear through a series of tests and ultimately give it a rating. The tests will assess the gear’s impact protection, burst and abrasion resistance, comfort, thermal control, and water protection.

The tests results will then be compared and weighted to the different risk zones, measuring the efficiency of a piece of equipment at protecting the different areas of the body considered to be the most at risk of critical injuries. The gear will receive two ratings, one for protection and one for comfort.  

Riding Gear Safety Ratings

The final ratings are then shared on the MotoCAP Website to provide riders with precious insight that will allow them to make informed decisions about their gear. Better gear should equate to better protection in crashes and therefore, lower risks of severe injuries.

“Wearing the best protective gear possible can make a significant difference,” Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan told the Daily Mail. Australia is facing high rates of motorcycle accidents with 192 reported incidents in 2018 so far compared to a total of 231 last year.

The new gear safety rating system will not only serve the customers, but also the manufacturers. The companies could also have access to the independent and standardized tests results which will provide precious data regarding their products and help target the required improvements.

A number of ratings is already available for jackets and pants on the MotoCAP website and we can expect more to come as products are being tested.  The lists is easy to read, using the product’s picture and name to make it easy to identify by owners. They also list the pricing as well as the protection and comfort ratings out of five stars. The website also provide advice regarding the ideal criteria to look for in gear. Here’s to making the road a little safer, one star at the time.

Source: Daily Mail

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