A wave of female rider-oriented gear collections is flooding the market. Finally, us riding ladies have access to proper protection that’s not decorated with flowers and pink tribal designs. Bless those entrepreneurs and their badass ideas! Gogo Gear is one of the names that stands out with raving reviews thanks, among other things, to its strong kevlar game.

Ted, suit up!

The GoGo Gear collection is simple, minimalist, and straightforward. You get plain, black, efficient, female-oriented kevlar gear that includes pants and jackets of all genres. From leggings to hoodies to base layers, GoGo has got you covered.

The company was created by Arlene Battishill (who even models some of her styles) and established in Los Angeles, California, to provide female riders with a collection of protective motorcycle clothing that’s both efficient, as proven by a testimonial on the Crash Reports page, and stylish. Arlene is a rider herself with quite a few experiences on roads around the world of her own and a three-bike tribe in her garage.

No fluff or sparkles; the small collection is versatile and fits pretty much any style of rider. The best part? According to the reviews and testimonials, the products work and they work well. CEO Arlene even shared a video in which she discusses different instances where the Dupont kevlar riding leggings saved some of her clients’ butt. As gruesome as this might sound, these are most likely the best testament to just how efficient and durable the material really is.


For riders who prefer a more casual look, the brand also offers a kevlar hoodie. You’ll never have to choose between the cozy hoodie and the protective jacket ever again, Gogo solved that dilemma for you.


If the leggings and the hoodies are the brand’s staples, it also offers a trench-coat-looking riding jacket. When it comes to new additions to the collection, Arlene takes to her social media following to get an opinion before actually committing, which means that every piece available has been carefully selected.

Source: GoGo Gear

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