People may have noticed we are fans of Kriega gear. From backpacks, to messenger bags, to full on carry systems, Kriega's top-quality components and thoughtful design really stand out.

A few months ago, we had a chance to test and review the Overlander 60 system. We can't just call it "luggage" because it goes well beyond that in a very integrated package.

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Designed to fit on a standard Touratech rack on whatever bike you ride only adds to the Overlander 60 system's versatility. Being able to attach this to multiple bikes quickly and securely is a big bonus. Yes, that's very similar to any soft luggage—but wait, there's more!

As you'll see in the photo, the Overlander 60 sports a 15 liter dry bag and a Rotopax fuel container on the same mounting system. How does this happen? Glad you asked. The heart of the system is the LDPE CNC machined plates. That's low density polyethylene plastic that is machinable and practically indestructible. There's one for each side, pre-drilled with all the mounting holes you will probably ever need.

Overlander 60: The Bomb Proof Luggage System from Kriega

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Mounts are CNC aluminum with thumb screws. This makes install and removal a tool-free job, and means that the system is easily maintained in the field. That's really the point of this setup: to make a solo rider as self sufficient as possible. It's not for hauling a ton of gear. Instead, it allows the rider to stick to the essentials like fuel, water, enough gear, and to keep it all dry and secure to the bike.

I used this for several weeks riding, camping, and commuting in wet, hot, dry, and foggy weather. A few things really stood out to me. The system doesn't shake or rattle over rough terrain. While some systems tend to rattle from loose components or overly large clearances, the Overlander 60 does none of that. The bags mount very securely to the bike with little to no width gain that would inhibit riding in tight spaces or prevent riders from going off road.

Overlander 60: The Bomb Proof Luggage System from Kriega

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What it does lack is the convenience of a large top opening—there is no lid and the entire storage capacity is 60 liters. If you add fuel to a spot you lose 15 liters, so it's not going to take you and another person very far. If you ride solo or have a riding partner with their own capacity it's a good size. Particularly if you're a hardcore minimalist adventure rider who wants to travel light, plans to go far from civilization, and needs gear that is essentially bombproof.

We test a lot of luggage and if I had to choose my ideal setup for a solo ride this would be it. The ability to mount fuel, expand capacity as needed, and the fact that it all comes off in one piece is ideal. For me, I can't think of anything I would change on it. That's a rare compliment for any item, much less something like this.

If there is one complaint it might be the price: $795 for the plate and four bags. All other accessories are a la carte. That's hard bag prices, and yes, you still need to buy side racks that are the Touratech opening dimensions. That'll tack another $400 to $600 onto the price.

On the other hand you won't find anything as versatile, waterproof, or durable. We say save your pennies, cash in those gift cards, and get what you want!


Overlander 60: The Bomb Proof Luggage System from Kriega
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