There's just something about a super moto that makes you grin. Perhaps it's the very nature and implication of fun that they hold in their stature. Or perhaps it's their penchant for hooliganism that I just adore?

Whatever the case may be, I love them. You love them. Everybody loves them. And the more super motos on the road, the better. This one, however, from the Japanese custom house Dirt Freak, looks to have all the characteristics we all love from super motos, and with imminently cool styling. 

In other words, it's cooler than cool. Oh yeah, it's ice cold. Say hello to the CRF250L Street Motard. 

According to WeBike News out of Japan, Dirt Freak built the custom Honda CRF250L to demo a host of new products from Dirt Freak. The company chose the CRF250L for a variety of reasons, including it being so lightweight, easily modified, and has great out-of-the-box handling. 

Dirt Freak
Dirt Freak
Dirt Freak
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"The street motard model's appeal lies in its 17-inch wheels front and rear for improved turning ability, footing, and grip on the road, but it can also be fine-tuned to your liking by installing custom parts from Dirt Freak's extensive lineup of original ZETA RACING brand and others," states the outlet. 

Modifications included front and rear wheel kits to adopt street tires and rims, as well as revised brake geometry, a new handlebar and set of controls, lights designed for the street, including a rear license plate holder, a "gun coating" from the brand's DF-Craft workshop for improved durability, titanium bolts across a host of parts on the bike, and a set of foot controls, including new adventure pegs. 

Dirt Freak also used a host of parts from outside suppliers, such as the aforementioned Zeta Racing, Z-Wheel, Delta, XAM, DRC, and more. 

The end result, as I'm sure you've realized by now, is nothing short of fabulous. It looks ready to terrorize the streets, pop wheelies, and generally cause anxiety to most Boomers within earshot. I'll take two.

You can find a full run-down of parts used in the build, as well as current pricing on Dirt Freak's website here. So, who's ready to overnight parts from Japan?

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