Motorcycles capture our hearts for any number of reasons, but one of the big ones is the idea of putting your personal stamp on a bike and making it your own. Whether it's form or function (or both) that you're after, aftermarket accessories specialists like Dirt Freak make the job easier for those who aren't fabricating every little bit from scratch.

This time around, Dirt Freak tried its hand at creating a range of bolt-on accessories for the Honda GB350 S. The diminutive Honda standard single-cylinder machine has steadily been making waves in markets around the world, from its start as the H'Ness CB350 in India to Australia and Japan, where it's been renamed as the GB350

Dirt Freak Custom Honda GB350 S

Dirt Freak Custom Honda GB350 S

It's not entirely clear where in the world the GB350 might head next, but that's not what we're worried about today. No, today we're concerning ourselves with all the cool accessories that Dirt Freak has created and showcased on a special custom GB350 S that it most recently showed off at motorcycle shows in Japan.

What kinds of goodies are we talking about? There are a whole bunch to choose from, addressing several small but important tweaks that an owner might potentially want to make to their GB350 S. 

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In Dirt Freak's Zeta Racing line, you'll find a wide, flat, scrambler-type handlebar; engine protection; a folding pivot street lever set; CNC-machined and forged aluminum footpegs; reservoir covers; alternative windscreens; adventure handguards; bar risers, and more.

Other Dirt Freak accessories available for the GB350 S include off-road mirrors, as well as a soft side bag system that doesn't require a separate side-bag mounting frame to use (though it's worth noting that the bags and the base are sold separately).

What are the prices like? They range anywhere from ¥2,530 (about $17) on up to ¥30,580 (about $202) for a set of carbon fiber handguards. As for model coverage, Dirt Freak's current lineup spans the 2021 through 2023 model bikes, although we won't be at all surprised if Dirt Freak goes on to expand the range to cover model years past 2023 in the future.

Gallery: Dirt Freak Custom Honda GB350 S

If the Honda GB350 has made it to your local market, you can take a look at all the accessories at the link in our Sources. And if it hasn't yet made it to your market (like those of us in the US), you can take a look and dream about potential future things you'd do to your theoretical GB350 if you ever get the chance.

Do you have a Honda GB350 S? How do you like it? What would you change about it if you could? If you live in a market where this bike has yet to be introduced, would you ride one if you could? Let us know in the comments!

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