Motorcycles all have their own specific jobs.

Adventure motorcycles are designed to go off-road or on far-flung trips. Nakeds and cruisers are for around-town jaunts and stuntin'. Superbikes are designed to fly around race tracks. And stuff like Groms or Vespas are for looking cool and drippy. As I said, each has its respective area of expertise.

But what if you're stunt rider Aaron Colton and don't care about convention? What if you want to take something, say a Yamaha R1 superbike, and go somewhere it was never meant to go? What would that look like?

Would it even work? Well, we're about to find out, as the Red Bull stunt rider is taking said Yamaha R1 and turning it into an all-out sand dune weapon. Think he'll let us ride it when he's done?


According to Colton, "Exciting day in Garage 93, as for the first time, we actually have a superbike come through the doors. The R1 is getting discontinued next year and I wanted to find a '15 or newer R1 to build into a project drift bike. But, believe it or not, it's actually going to start life as a sand dune project bike."

Because obviously, right? Who wouldn't want a superbike to shred some sand dunes?

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Colton goes on to state, "We're going to take this to the Silverlake Sand Dunes with a 16 Power rear tire and 200 horsepower to see what this thing has. I know it's going to be an absolute riot in [those] conditions." He then goes on to state that he's going to have to strip the bike down to its bare frame and change, modify or replace nearly everything to get it to work, but that he's going to build it into a "10/10 superbike," in typical Garage 93 fashion. 

The video then cuts to Colton starting the bike, giving it a few revs, and just teasing the audience of what's to come. And from the video, the bike sounds healthier than stock, so that'll definitely be something to watch tear up the sand. 

We've seen a few builds of this type, i.e. taking something not meant for whatever terrain its in ala the Honda Gold Wing in Moab, Harley snow bike, and others. But an R1 sand dune shredder? LOL, sign us up. 


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