If you're not already subscribed to CboysTV on YouTube, I envy you because you have a wealth of stupidly amazing content to watch. For the channel's latest endeavor, the Cboys took the most unlikely vehicle, a Harley-Davidson Street Glide complete with flame decals, and turned it into a snow bike. 

You read that right.

The guys fitted this mile muncher with a Timbersled ARO kit, but there was a problem. The kit is designed to be fitted to motocross bikes, not 800-lb baggers. But the Cboys weren't deterred and made all the necessary adjustments to turn the Street-Glide into a "mountain machine". And it worked amazingly well—until it didn't.

Mountain Machine

Much to my surprise, and the Cboys, the Street Glide snow bike handled the mountain trails with relative ease. Accompanying it was a Yamaha R1 snow bike, which they converted in a previous episode. The symphony of a wailing inline-four and a thunderous V-twin tearing through the mountains could be an ASMR video by itself.

Determined to find the Street Glide's limits, the Cboys took it off-trail and through deep snow. Here, it seemed like the front ski wanted to dig into the snow and throw the rider off, but it just kept plowing forward "like a submarine in the snow".


Hill Climb

The Cboys headed to Afton, Wyoming, in search of the perfect powder to test the Harley snow bike, and as luck would have it, there was a hill climb competition on while they were there. Snowmobile hill climb competitions are tough for purpose-built vehicles, so when the organizers let the Harley snow bike enter the competition, it looked like the vehicle's creators were as shocked as anyone.

Having performed so well on and off trails, there was an element of hope that the Street Glide, which probably weighed more than 900 lbs, might make it up this ridiculously steep hill. I won't spoil the surprise, but you can probably guess the outcome. Watch until the end of the video to find out how the guys got on.

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