We’ve talked a whole lot about Vespa being in a league of its own with scooters. The brand makes no mention of things like practicality, affordability, and utility—things you’d expect to define a scooter. Instead, it focuses on self-expression, uniqueness, and standing out from the crowd.

Indeed, Vespa takes its art very seriously. So serious, that it’s going full-on abstract with its latest campaign. Dubbed “the empty space,” the name is pretty much self-explanatory, but at the same time, it isn’t. Vespa explains that “the empty space” is a representation of the brand’s freedom from the limits of time and space. And to a certain extent, you could say that this is true.

Vespa’s scooters have stood the test of time, and the brand has proven itself as a cultural icon loved the world over. And so, you could say that Vespa’s empty space concept isn’t the absence of space, but the presence of all space—and all time, for that matter. Pretty wild, right? I’d sure love to have whatever Vespa’s marketing team is smoking.

Vespa Empty Space Campaign

Michele Colaninno, CEO of Gruppo Piaggio, gave an equally abstract statement about the new campaign. “Every day is a new journey. It brings to mind a ceaseless quest for new destinations and new worlds. This is my desire: give a future to the things we create. I like to hope we will continue to look one another in the eye and that we won’t isolate ourselves in total digital silence. It is important to kindle emotions. Joy, memories, delusions, and triumphs: these are enduring emotions that stay with us wherever we go. It’s difficult today, but not impossible.”

As abstract as all this may seem, Vespa is still a company first before it’s an artist, and so it has to sell us stuff. Accompanying Vespa’s Empty Space campaign is what appears to be a clothing collection with a very chic and somewhat ridiculous aesthetic. The catalog consists of stylish clothing that Vespa says is designed to make a statement. Its styling is androgynous and is inspired by concepts like wide open spaces, the countryside, and the sea.

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The images from Vespa’s Empty Space campaign paint a surreal image, depicting strange things that leave you with more questions than answers. I mean, what’s up with that Vespa dressed like a sheep? And why are they wearing scooter helmets when riding two-up on a horse?

It’s obvious that this is exactly what Vespa wants—to make a statement in the world of fashion and leave onlookers second-guessing and asking questions. It’s an interesting take on today’s liberated generation, transcending boundaries and going beyond all preconceived social norms.

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