Looking good? Feeling gorgeous?

If you are, then you're who Vespa is looking for. And if you're not, then Vespa would like you to get on its level, please and thank you.

The world's most recognizable scooter brand, and what is indisputably one of Italy's greatest style icons, took to the streets of Shanghai to show off its latest refreshed models.

The new Vespa Primavera and Sprint both feature updated handlebar and leg shield pieces, as well as a new and improved (says Vespa) covering on their saddles. Additionally, both scoots get updated instrument panels, as well as full LED lighting. Improved visibility on the road, as well as improved instrument display for riders, are usually welcome developments on any modern scoot in 2024.

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Of course, it's Vespa, so it's not just about scooters. It's about style, baby. And while both the Sprint and the Primavera come packing plenty of their own iconic style all on their own, Piaggio Group also saw this as the perfect opportunity to show off the latest Vespa apparel collection.

It's called DEC, which apparently stands for Dealer Equipment Collection. In it, there's a wide range of casual apparel pieces in multiple colors. Hoodies, windbreakers, and t-shirts dominate, but you'll also find baseball caps, backpacks, water bottles, and more. The designs are simple, clean, and crafted in colors that complement the Vespa scooter range.

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It's a fine line to strike between staying true to your roots while also looking to the future, and accidentally finding yourself trapped in amber and unable to move forward. Luckily, Vespa has proven time and again that it's exceedingly good at walking this line.

Case in point: There are still new motorbikes sold in 2024 by other OEMs that are carbureted. Not new Vespas, though. Did we mention the integration of LED lights into the characterful and iconic Primavera and Sprint lines? Keep the style, but add a bit of modernity. It's a magic recipe.

There are reasons that Vespa is beloved around the world, and the brand's ability to uniquely speak to an unbelievably broad cross-section of fans is probably the biggest one. Across cultures, geographies, and age ranges, the appeal of Vespa is hard to deny. Small, careful changes to bring it forward and offer more of what a modern audience wants only serve as punctuation.

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