More than just motorcycles, Honda Powersports has quite an expansive lineup of ATVs and UTVs. And for the 2025 model year, the lineup gets even better with two new additions: the Rubicon 4X4 Automatic ATV and the Pioneer 520 side-by-side.

Both these four-wheelers are known for their versatility, dependability, and performance, and boast a selection of updates for the 2025 model year.

Let’s go over them, shall we?

Honda Rubicon 4X4 Automatic

2025 Honda Rubicon 4X4 ATV is ideal for both work and play.

2025 Honda Rubicon 4X4 ATV is ideal for both work and play.

The 2025 Honda Rubicon 4X4 ATV gets a new LCD display.

The ATV gets a new LCD display.

The Rubicon 4X4 may be familiar to you as the Rincon. Along with a new name, the quad has been given new bodywork and redesigned graphics for a fresh look. It also gets an upgraded cockpit in the form of a new LCD instrument panel.

Honda’s Rubicon 4X4 Automatic sets itself apart thanks to its independent rear suspension. This gives the quad enhanced off-road capability, making it more than capable of handling aggressive trail riding, while being comfy enough for more laid-back activities such as hunting and fishing.

Thanks to its built-in luggage racks, the Rubicon 4X4 is more than up to utilitarian tasks such as duty around the farm and worksite.

Honda Pioneer 520

The 2025 Honda Pioneer 520 can be outfitted with a variety of accessories.

The 2025 Honda Pioneer 520 can be outfitted with a variety of accessories.

It comes in a new TrueTimber Atera Camo colorway.

It comes in a new TrueTimber Atera Camo colorway.

Up next, Honda gives its trusty side-by-side, the Pioneer 520, a makeover. The recreational/utility vehicle retains its rugged 518cc engine and capable independent front and rear suspension, all while getting three fresh new colors including TrueTimber Atera Camo—a colorway developed in partnership with the renowned camo brand, and one that was featured in the recently released Pioneer 700 UTV.

Honda says that the Pioneer 520 is ideal for both work and play, as its dump bed can haul up to 450 pounds of cargo, supplies, or anything you can manage to fit in it. It’s also compatible with a wide range of Honda Pro-Connect accessories, further enhancing its versatility.

Pricing and availability

Both the Honda Rubicon 4X4 and Pioneer 520 are expected to make their way to Honda Powersports dealers in July 2024. Pricing for the Rubicon starts at $9,999 USD for the Avenger Red colorway, and $10,399 USD for the Matte Silver Metallic paint scheme. Meanwhile, the Pioneer 520 retails for $10,499 USD in its Hero Red and Slate Gray colors, and $11,099 for the fancy TrueTimber Atera Camo paint scheme.

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Colin Miller, American Honda’s Public Relations manager expressed his excitement towards the launch of the new models. “This product announcement is a perfect example, comprising Honda's largest ATV and smallest side-by-side. For the veteran ATV rider, the Rubicon 4x4 Automatic delivers plenty of power and torque, but without sacrificing comfort. Meanwhile, the Pioneer 520 side-by-side—now available in new colors—is maneuverable and very user-friendly, yet still tough enough to tackle anything owners can throw at it," he said.

More capable and versatile options when it comes to powersports vehicles are always a good thing, as they make the joy of off-roading more accessible to a wider audience.

And Honda’s new models are living proof that there’s a growing demand for these types of four-wheelers, both in terms of utility and leisure. These things just make perfect sense for all-around outdoorsy folks looking for dependable machines for both work and play.

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