Honda makes some of the most dependable vehicles on the market, and that goes beyond just cars and motorcycles. In the off-road world, the brand’s ATVs and UTVs are loved by recreationalists and utilitarians alike, and for the 2025 model year, Team Red’s just pulled the covers off the new Pioneer 700.

That’s right, the Pioneer 700 is back, and serves as the brand’s mid-tier offering in the UTV segment.

According to Honda, the Pioneer 700 strikes a balance between capable power and easy maneuverability. That means this UTV is capable of hauling supplies, cargo, and people up some steep and rugged terrain, all while being nimble enough to make quick work of technical terrain.

Honda Pioneer 700-2 Forest

The Honda Pioneer 700 in Forest trim gets a sick TrueTimber camo finish

Honda offers the 2025 Pioneer 700 in three trim options, with each offered in two- and four-seater layouts, so there might just as well be six variants. To sweeten the deal even further, Honda has a wide selection of accessories so it’s easy for you to deck out your Pioneer 700 for your intended use.

Of the three variants available, my favorite just has to be the Forest trim, as it comes in a badass TrueTimber Atera camo finish. Not only does it give the UTV a more rugged look, it’s also the first product out of a new partnership between Honda and TrueTimber, a leading camouflage manufacturer. 

The new Pioneer 700 also comes in Standard and Deluxe trims, both sold in Hero Red and Black Forest Green, respectively. The Deluxe and Forest variants set themselves apart with alloy wheels, knobby tires, and more premium features. Meanwhile, the base Standard model gets steel wheels and the bare essentials when it comes to utility and adventure.

Honda Pioneer 700-2

Honda Pioneer 700 in Standard trim

Honda Pioneer 700-2 Deluxe

Honda Pioneer 700 in Deluxe trim

Commenting on the launch of the 2025 Pioneer 700, Colin Miller, Assistant Manager of Public Relations at American Honda, explained, “The Pioneer 700 consistently punches above its weight classes, delivering workhorse performance that our customers rely on day in and day out. Plus, Honda’s new partnership with TrueTimber presents a perfect opportunity to offer these machines with a fresh new aesthetic.”

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The 2025 Honda Pioneer 700 carries an MSRP starting at $12,499 for the standard two-seater model, and climbs all the way to $17,599 for the Forest four-seater trim. All the specs and features can be found in American Honda’s official website.

Today’s UTV market is bustling with innovation, with new models from both new and established players looking to make it big on the market. We recently talked about new products from the likes of Kawasaki and Polaris, and so it’s clear that Honda’s determined to assert its dominance in the market and not be overtaken by the competition.

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