I've been running BFG's T/A KO2 tires on my Can-Am Maverick X3 Max for the last few years and feel pretty damn invincible with them outfitted. They're grippy as hell on loose terrain, are built to go righteously fast over dirt, and have handled mud, snow, and all sorts of inclement weather without issue. 

But the KO2 is old. And even if it's still one of the best off-road tires around, the other tire manufacturers are catching up with it and are eating into its off-road dominance. That's why BFGoodrich has finally launched the T/A KO3, an all-new off-road tire designed to maintain and expand the company's supremacy within the space. 

And from the looks and specs of the tire, every other manufacturer should be quaking in their tread.

Built to "satisfy the evolving needs of off-road consumers", the new T/A KO3 tire utilizes all of BFG's latest and greatest tire technologies to offer off-roaders everything they've asked for. And that includes a new tread pattern and compound to "provide durability and longevity," and a more "optimized footprint and full-depth 3D locking sipes" for more even wear.

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Those sipes are also designed for better grip when the going gets wet and slippery, as "The serrated shoulder design and Mud-Phobic Bars improve upon the KO2 tire’s outstanding mud and snow traction, helping it earn the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake severe-snow rating."

Likewise, the company also gave the KO3 its CoreGard Technology designed for better sidewall toughness, as well as an "Advanced Deflection Design" which "helps prevent objects from snagging and splitting the sidewall." In other words, if you hit a weird rock, the tire's designed to deflect it and not puncture. 

The tire also comes with a 50,000-mile warranty and 60-day satisfaction guarantee, though based on my testing of the T/A KO2, you probably won't want to give it back any time soon. 

As for availability, BFG is rolling out 100 different sizes over the next two years with the initial launch covering 13 available now, 17 coming this August, and another 5 in October. An additional 52 will be subsequently rolled out over the next year or so, and you can check to see if your application is available by going to the OEM's site here

But I'm definitely interested to see how these perform compared to the KO2s I have. I'll have to wait, as my application isn't yet covered though. So we'll see. 

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