Riding or driving an electric vehicle off-road is surely a unique, sometimes refreshing experience. The first thing you’ll notice is the noise. Or rather, the lack thereof.

The sound of an internal combustion engine roaring and growling as it overcomes ruts, roots, and loose terrain is replaced by the quiet hum of the electric motor. And the sound of leaves, rocks, and twigs snapping and rustling beneath your tires becomes all the more prominent.

It’s something that everyone should experience as it adds a whole new level of serenity to your off-road experience. And luckily, many more people will be able to do so thanks to a partnership between Polaris and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Polaris Launches Off-Road EV Charging Network In Michigan

These charging stations provide adventurers with extra peace of mind when exploring Michigan's scenic trails. 

The two companies have been working together to launch an electric off-road vehicle charging network in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Through the charging network, around 100 miles of scenic off-road trails will be supplied with power, allowing adventurers and explorers to ride and drive through the trails with peace of mind.

There are currently four charging stations on state-designated ORV trails in Ontonagon County, White Pine, Bergland, and Greenland.

Andrew Chasse, the VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Polaris explained how the charging network brings outdoor recreation to new heights. “It is an honor to mark the opening of this unique off-road electric charging network developed in partnership with the State of Michigan and the local communities along this trail system. Polaris and Michigan are connected in our efforts to bring exciting innovation and the latest technology to outdoor recreation,” he said.

Polaris Launches Off-Road EV Charging Network In Michigan

Polaris' Ranger XP Kinetic electric UTV is available for rent. 

Echoing similar sentiments, Justine Johnson, the Chief Mobility officer of the State of Michigan said, “Working in tandem with Polaris to launch an electric off-road vehicle charging network in the Upper Peninsula, exemplifies how working through public private partnerships bring ideation to fruition in every corner of Michigan. We applaud Polaris’s effort to support the growth of a reliable EV charging infrastructure in one of Michigan’s favorite ORV riding destinations.”

To encourage more people to make the electric shift, Polaris will be renting out the Ranger XP Kinetic through Hamilton’s North Coast Adventures. This way, customers will be able to get up close and personal with Polaris’ all-electric UTV, while at the same time experiencing Michigan’s extensive trail network with peace of mind. Talk about the ultimate test drive experience.

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Now, a dedicated off-road EV charging network may seem way ahead of its time. And that’s because it really is. It’s exciting to see places like Michigan putting huge importance toward the development of off-road-focused infrastructure as it sets the stage for more development in the powersports industry, and in turn, for more folks to get in on the fun.

Recent years have seen a lot of off-road facilities under fire due to excessive noise and the risk of fires. And so, the emergence of electric off-road vehicles could serve as the key to the future of off-roading.

And indeed, this is one of the things Polaris has its sights set on for the near future. In fact, Polaris says that it aims to integrate EV technology across all of its product platforms, and it intends to do this through data and consumer feedback to ensure that it’s giving its customers exactly what they want.

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