Back at EICMA 2023, several manufacturers showcased their electric two-wheelers, in the hopes of getting more riders to make the shift. While electric scooters and commuters are plentiful, we’re seeing more and more enthusiast-focused machines hit the market. Niu, for example, showcased its first electric dual-sport called the XQi3, and now, it’s set to be made available in Europe from the spring of 2024.

Niu will be offering the XQi3 in two variants – an off-road-only model called the Wild, and a street-legal version called the Street. The latter will be classified as a moped, so depending on where in Europe you’re from, you’ll either need at least a car license or an A1 license to ride it around.

Niu XQi3 - Wheelie

On the performance end of things, the XQi3 is powered by a mid-drive motor, as all electric dirtbikes should. A chain final-drive sends power to the rear wheel, with Niu claiming eight kilowatts, or about 10.7 horsepower. The Street model is limited to a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour), while the Wild version gets an Ultra-Boost feature that unlocks a top speed of 75 kilometers per hour (46.6 miles per hour).

The motor is housed at the bottom of the aluminum frame, promising a low center of gravity for easy maneuverability. As for the battery, the bike’s rocking an removable LG 72-volt, 32-amp-hour unit with around 80 to 90 kilometers (49 to 55 miles) of range on a single charge.

Performance aside, the Niu XQi3 is underpinned by lightweight components that blur the line between e-moto and e-MTB. For starters, the bike gets long-travel suspension with preload and rebound adjustability. It rolls on 19-inch spoked wheels shod in knobby tires, and comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes measuring 220 mm and 203 mm at the front and rear respectively.

Niu XQi3 - Off Road

As is the case with most of Niu’s offerings, the XQi3 packs a lot of handy tech. It comes standard with full-LED lighting, a TFT display with smartphone connectivity and NFC unlocking, and even a handy USB-C charger. There’s even GPS navigation for you to easily find your way arond town, or make it to the nearest exit when exploring trails. To top it all off, the Street version adds turn signals, rear-view mirrors, and a license plate holder for good measure.

As mentioned earlier, the Niu XQi3 will be making its way to Europe in the spring of 2024. Its retail price, as announced during its launch at EICMA 2023, is set at 5,999 euros, or about $6,574 USD. It’ll be sold in a variety of colors and graphics allowing riders to find a design that suits their style.

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