When you picture the perfect getaway vehicle, what do you imagine? Something fast and nimble like a KTM 1390 Super Duke Evo? Or something incredibly capable like a Polaris RZR Pro that can handle jumps and speed bumps? 

You probably think of something within those realms. What you likely won't think of is a scooter. But maybe you should? I mean, in this very non-real hypothetical scenario.

Late last month, a robber entered a jewelry shop in Monaco, stuck up the salesperson, and made off with an estimated 3 million euros worth of loot. All of which they hauled away not in their go-fast four-door BMW or on a high-powered motorcycle, but their scooter.

Just scoot-scootin' with the loot-lootin'!

According to the Monaco Tribune, "A robbery took place on Wednesday, May 29, shortly after 11 am, when all the shops on Boulevard des Moulins were open. The surveillance camera footage shows an individual calmly entering the Monaco Watch Company premises. Disguised as an old man with a walking stick in his left hand, he takes a handgun out of his bag with his right hand and seems to threaten the shop assistant."

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The shop assistant then handed over jewelry and watches to the thief, of which the store estimates had a value of over 3 million euros—roughly $3.26 million in today's exchange rate. According to the police and video surveillance footage, the robber then sprayed some sort of solvent to cover their tracks. 

They then calmly exited the shop and made their way to a waiting scooter parked with an accomplice. According to the Monaco Tribue, "They fled in the direction of Beausoleil," and "The investigation is still ongoing. So far, no suspects have been apprehended."

For those unfamiliar with Monaco's streets, they're tight, twisty, and while the country is notorious for its ritzy, glamor and supercars, the locals all ride scooters to get anywhere. They're easier to use and get around the incredibly small country's footprint. Think local town versus something like France or Italy. 

I've driven there a few times, each time in cars far larger than I would've liked. A scooter as a getaway vehicle makes the most sense. And it just goes to show you, scooters shouldn't be slept on. Again, in my very theoretical scenario...

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