Listen, I live in the great state of Utah where ATVs and UTVs are street-legal. That is, so long as you add the necessary turn signals and register it with the DMV, which I have. Yet, not every state is as chill with its laws regarding these machines.

But even those that are cool with them, aren't cool with you taking your ATV or UTV out onto an interstate. That's pretty much common sense, though as I've discovered in recent years, isn't so common. Case in point, a Minnesota man recently was caught riding his ATV along a Twin Cities interstate. 


According to the local news outlet Star Tribune, "A 29-year-old Woodbury man has been ordered to pay $100 after driving an ATV more than 40 miles while surrounded by weekday afternoon traffic along bustling Twin Cities interstates. A state trooper brought his odyssey to a halt."

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The man in question, Aymane R. Hajji, told the outlet that his 1,000cc ATV is street-legal, though. But dude, you had to know that it wasn't street-legal on the interstate? Yes, it could probably clip over 80 mph, but that doesn't mean you can be mixing it up with tractor-trailers and regular drivers on the highway. Local B roads aren't the same as interstates. 

The outlet goes on to state, "In exchange for Aymane R. Hajji agreeing to pay for court and prosecutorial expenses, the prosecution on Thursday dismissed a misdemeanor count of operating an ATV on a road. A misdemeanor charge that his vehicle was not properly registered for the road was suspended for six months. That count also will be dismissed if Hajji does not commit the same or similar offense in the six-month period."

Pretty lenient of the cops, which isn't usually the case. 

The Star Tribune also details that the rider "prompted numerous complaint calls to 911 and, at one point, was 'recorded on freeway cams ... standing upon [the] ATV while driving,'" though Hajji maintains he was just stretching his legs.

I could see that since you're really not supposed to be riding an ATV on the interstate... Please, for the love of all that's good, don't ride your ATV on the highway. 

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