As Formula 1 drivers prepare to tackle the Imola circuit this weekend, Ducati unveiled a limited edition Monster to commemorate one of the lives we lost to this track 30 years ago: Ayrton Senna.

For those who might not know, this isn't some random commemorative motorcycle. Senna was not just a lover of Ducati but a collaborator with the brand. After he was gifted an 851 SP and saw the 916 in person, Ducati and Senna Brands came together to create the 916 Senna. Senna wouldn't live to see the production of the 916 Senna, but he was one of the first owners of the original Monster 900

The unveiling of the Monster Senna will be hosted by Claudio Domenicali, Bianca Senna, and Stefano Domenicali at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Imola.

Here's everything you need to know about this beauty.

monster senna

The livery is by far the most striking aspect of this Monster and was created by the Centro Stile Ducati with the participation of Senna Brands. It's inspired by the helmet design Senna sported throughout his career, and the yellow, green, and blue scheme pays homage to his home country of Brazil.

Fans of Ducati's Monster will know it's a machine that can wear many faces. It's an undeniably sporty motorcycle but leans on its character, style, and ability to create fun just as much—something that resonated with Senna.

According to Claudio Domenicali, Ducati Motor Holding CEO,

Ayrton Senna was and will forever stand as an icon. A sports legend, an extraordinary person, and a passionate motorcyclist whom we wish to honor with a special edition of one of the most iconic models in our range: the Monster. Senna was one of the very first owners of the Monster 900 and perfectly represented the values of this bike: style, boldness, and fun. The Monster Senna demonstrates how honored we are to define a champion of this incredible level as a true Ducatista.

Bianca Senna, Ayrton's niece, and Senna Brand's CEO, had this to say about the partnership, “The partnership with Ducati is historic and very relevant today. The Monster is a perfect motorcycle to recall Ayrton's lifestyle, focused on high performance but able to enjoy leisure moments. Fans around the world who admire Ayrton will find this partnership a genuine tribute to his legacy”.

monster senna
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It's not just the livery that makes this Monster special, everything is special. Only 341 units will be made—3 represents the number of World Titles Senna won in Formula 1, while 41 is the number of Grands Prix where Ayrton took first. 

Each of the limited edition Monsters will feature a plaque on the triple clamp with the model name and number of the bike, and owners will receive a certificate of authenticity and a dedicated motorcycle cover. 

monster senna

There's a slew of aftermarket components you won't find on any production Monster/Monster+, which you can check out in full detail here. But what we're interested in is the exclusive equipment that's specific to Monster Senna.

If you're one of the lucky 341 owners of a Monster Senna, you'll have parts that no one else has including Brembo front brakes with 320 mm discs with aluminum flanges, monobloc Stylema calipers painted in yellow, radial master cylinder, and pads made of sintered material, forged aluminum wheels with two-tone yellow/green/blue tag that are 4.1 lbs lighter than standard, and a homologated Termignoni silencer with yellow stripe, to name but a few.

Could Ducati's engineers and designers have done any more to capture the essence of and legacy that Ayrton Senna left behind? Let us know in the comments.

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