Dutch gear and equipment manufacturer REV'IT! has established itself as a household name in the wardrobes of nearly all motorcyclists. Owning a few pieces of REV'IT! gear myself, as do the other editors here at RideApart, I’ve come to know REV'IT! as a brand I can trust, even if I’ve been lucky enough to never have tested its products’ safety capabilities in the real world.

From racing both on- and off-road to keeping daily riders safe on their commutes to and from work, REV'IT! continues to expand its selection of gear. And what better way to get a firsthand look at what the brand has to offer than in its new store in Denver, Colorado?

According to REV'IT!, it’s kickstarting its journey into brick-and-mortar stores through its first store in Denver, and it sure looks like a place to be for anyone who’s into two wheels.

Gallery: REV’IT! Wants You To Check Out Its New Store In Denver Colorado

The store is finished in a clean, industrial-inspired motif complete with textured cement floors, accented walls, and an exposed ceiling.

Judging from the images sent our way, the REV'IT! Denver store seems to be well stocked with all the gear, as there are dedicated racks and shelves for racing suits, riding jackets, pants, and gloves—all sorted via their respective categories. There even appears to be a lounge area for visitors and enthusiasts to chill out after a ride.

The REV'IT! Denver store is headed by Chris Dangerfield, a passionate rider who’s all about off-road riding with his beloved KTM 530 EXC-R. Alongside Chris is Megan Sky Lewis, a rider who’s well acquainted with the lesser-known corners of the Colorado mountains. Her steed of choice is an Indian Scout Bobber Twenty. She also happens to be the coach of Beast Mode, a powerlifting team at the Special Olympics.

Talk about a badass.

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REV'IT! says that the Denver, Colorado store is the first of many planned brick-and-mortar stores. It’s definitely an interesting move, especially in today’s ultra-connected online generation. And while REV'IT! maintains a strong online presence, it’s clear that it has recognized a demand for in-person stores where folks can engage their senses when shopping for new gear.

In a time where pretty much anything can be purchased with the tap of a finger, it’s clear that there are still folks looking for that physical touch—especially when it comes to riding gear that’s designed not just to keep you safe, but look and feel good, too.

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