Scams, they're everywhere. Whether it's my long-lost African relative who's left me his fortune, or the duct tape from the infomercials that could've probably fixed the Titanic, people, companies, and even industries are out there preying on us. And as motorcyclists, we have enough to worry about.

Thankfully, there are states like Missouri testing out a potential scam that's as old as motorcycling itself: the use of helmets.

In what we assume to be a state-wide scientific investigation, Missouri repealed the universal helmet law in 2020.

Here's what that investigation showed.

The Findings

After a whole three years of scientific testing, something, a trend even, stuck out to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Recently, the department stated that there is a correlation between the rise in motorcycle fatalities and the repeal of the universal helmet law in 2020. To anyone who saw that as a possible outcome, I tip my hat.

"But how can we be sure?", I hear all the naysayers proclaiming. Well, since 2020, motorcycle fatalities in the state have increased by 47%, and 2023 was the deadliest year on record, according to MoDOT.

But maybe more testing is needed?

Why Stop at Helmets?

Kudos to Missouri though for looking into a scam that has potentially taken me for a few grand and countless others. But all it's done is open the floodgates.

Now, I can't help but see all the other potential scams aimed squarely at motorcyclists. Like, what if flip-flops and shorts ARE the best attire for a sportbike on the road?

All the people who say you shouldn't run from the cops, but has anyone looked into what they have to gain from suggesting that? And the big one. Are motorcycle jackets and gloves just there to stop us from getting a sick tan and taking over as the coolest, sexiest group on the road?


Still Investigating

The MoDOT presented its report on motorcycle fatalities to the House Transportation Accountability Committee. Although the committee listened to the report, it didn't discuss reversing the repeal of the law. So there's still time for you to get involved in the study.

However, there are some prerequisites. For some reason, you need to have health insurance if you want to ride without a helmet. Oh, and you need to be over 26 because of the special thing that happens when you turn 27.

My theory is they might be waiting to do a joint investigation to debunk the whole tire tread thing.

Let us know what other potential scams you'd like to see addressed in the comments.

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