Vespisti are among the most passionate bunch of motorcyclists out there, and it’s clear to see why. There’s quite a lot of history behind the Vespa brand, and it has transcended mere mobility and become nothing short of a lifestyle icon.

And Vespa leans in on its heritage every single year with numerous events all over the world. Sitting at the top of all the Vespisti activities is the Vespa World Days. Slated to happen from April 18 to 21, 2024, the merriment will take place in Pontedera, the birthplace of the iconic scooter, and the place where Vespa scooters have been in continuous production since 1946.

None other than the mayor of Pontedera, Matteo Franconi, lauded the yearly event, recognizing its importance in the cultural heritage of the town. “This is an important recognition for the city of Pontedera, for the whole area and for the community. It’s an award that honors a brand that has written the history of Pontedera,” he explained.

Vespa World Days Switzerland

The 2024 Vespa World Days is set to make waves beyond its hometown of Pontedera, too, with the Region of Tuscany and Terre di Pisa also sponsoring the event. 20 other municipalities in the Valdera region will be participating in the event, as well. So yes, the 2024 Vespa World Days is a pretty big deal.

As of this writing, there will be around 8,000 Vespisti from more than 54 countries. More than 660 Vespa Clubs from five continents are expected to be in attendance, too. Of course, an event of this magnitude is sure to attract spectators and locals looking to take part in the fun activities.

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Events like the Vespa World Days are essential in keeping the enthusiast community alive and kicking. There’s an extremely strong following for Vespa here in the Philippines where I’m from, and I know of a handful of individuals who are flying to Italy for this year’s Vespa World Days. This goes to show that the allure of all things Vespa transcends continents.

On their own, Vespas are already eye-catching and great conversation starters—what more when you put thousands of them together, and flock thousands of like-minded individuals in one event?

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