The Honda XL750 Transalp is one of the hottest adventure bikes in the market today. Born out of Honda’s desire to dominate the middleweight ADV segment, the Transalp dares to challenge the likes of the Yamaha Tenere 700 and Aprilia Tuareg 660 by blending off-road capability with long-distance touring comfort.

Naturally, all factory-fresh bikes are made with a certain degree of compromise. On that front, Touratech, one of the most recognized and trusted brands around, might just have exactly what Honda Transalp owners looking to go the distance want in its new Comfort Seats.

Touratech Comfort Seat For Honda XL750 Transalp - High
Touratech Comfort Seat For Honda XL750 Transalp - Low

The Comfort Seats are made in Germany and developed and manufactured by Touratech’s partner Crew68, with the idea being all about ease of use and convenience. Hence why both are easy to install, allowing you to alternate between the Comfort Seat and the stock saddle for various riding situations.

When it comes to construction, the seats strike a balance between comfort and firmness, as you want a saddle that sits in the Goldilocks zone. Touratech does this with a firm foam core and a hollow groove along the saddle. These are said to provide additional support while relieving pressure on your coccyx (also known as the butt).


On the outside, Touratech upholstered the saddle with Fresh Touch fabric which is waterproof and durable for longevity. The seat cover also has a suede-like finish to it, which Touratech claims reflects infrared sunlight, thereby reducing surface heating when you return to your bike hours after parking it under the scorching sun. Another win for your butt. 

Catering to a wider audience, the seats for the XL750 Transalp can be customized with three seat height options to choose from, as well as for the firmness of the foam.

Touratech Comfort Seat For Honda XL750 Transalp - Standard

Executive Editor Jonathon Klein spent two days riding the Honda Transalp when it debuted late last year. Hundreds of miles in the saddle, so to speak, and a nicer saddle would've been great for the longer road-going portion of his trip. Though it was a very small portion of the overall event. You can't ride a Transalp and not complete The PA Wilds BDR X route now, can you?

You can find the new Comfort Seat, as well as a bunch of other accessories and upgrades for a wide array of bikes on Touratech’s official webshop. But for the folks who've been lucky to grab a Transalp, how are you finding it? We'd love to know. 

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